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And then that moment in my life came, when I decided that if I didn't figure out how to deal with my procrastination, I would be sacrificing too much of my future...
Dr. Christine Li , Procrastination Coach
I think I'm the person you've been looking for, even though you didn't know you were looking.   
I'm the person who used to be beside herself with anxiety because I didn't know how to get things done or how to manage time (at all).  I'm also the person who is now recovered from the yuckiness of chronic procrastination.  And I'm also a clinical psychologist and Procrastination Coach.  
I think you've been looking for me without knowing it because it is serrrrrriously difficult to figure out who can understand your struggle with procrastination and share useful strategies to help you make the important changes you want to make in your life. 
So you've landed in the right spot, at the right time! 
You've arrived here because you know you are capable of way more than you are managing right now.  You know there is a way for you to feel confident and successful on a consistent, day-to-day kind of basis.  You sense that there is a better way for you in general.  
I can and I want to help you get there.  I have been through what you are going through with procrastination (or at least something very similar) and I have found my way back to calm.  
And, as we all know, there is never a bad time when it comes to wanting to improve your life.  
What if there were an actual system to keep you safely clear from your urge to procrastinate?  
On my blog and in my coaching practice, I share the techniques, actions, and ways of thinking that have worked for me and my clients.  The methods I use are all easy-to-understand and are all within your ability.  (You can learn the specific methods when you sign up for the free "PROCRASTINATION COACH ROAD MAP" download at the top of this page.)
What happens when you start to tackle your procrastination?
Dealing with the roadblocks that have been in your way:  Of course.  Check.
Learning how to get things done:  Totally.

Increased confidence:  Naturally.

Feeling more in control of your time and your actions:  Completely.

I know you can do this.  You can reach all of the milestones I just described.  And -- contrary to what you might think, the work you need to do to get there is both simple and pain-free.  The benefits you will receive from doing this work will continue to grow as you go.  It's amazing, I promise.  
Enough of me talking.  Let's go!