• headshotDR. CHRISTINE LI


Are you struggling to figure out what to do to rid yourself of your Procrastination?

Are you baffled by why standard time management techniques don’t seem to help you cope with your Procrastination one bit?

My mission is to help you do two things: 1) understand why your efforts to stop Procrastinating have not worked and 2) move from a passive or paralyzed state to an active one.  

My expertise in helping Procrastinators on their road to recovery comes from three sources:

  1. my work as a clinical psychologist
  2. my work with hundreds of Procrastinators in individual and group treatment, in live presentations and by phone
  3. my own experience recovering from chronic Procrastination

My methods to help Procrastinators heal and change include:

  • empathizing with the bewildered, embarrassed, and self-doubting person beneath the Procrastination
  • personal storytelling
  • evaluating the emotional factors underlying the Procrastinator’s inability to work
  • basic training in time management skills
  • providing suggestions for successful movement forward in work and in life

I hope you’ll decide to partner with me to find your own way out of your Procrastination habits.  As I’ve found in my own recovery process, when you leave your Procrastination behind you gain:

  • increased sense of well-being
  • greater sense of calm
  • greater sense of control
  • improved relationships
  • increased earning and savings potential
  • increased creativity and productivity
  • increased self-confidence

I know you are ready to say goodbye to the Procrastination which has held you back and to embrace new ways to develop and to grow.  

Start by signing up for weekly blogposts from me (please click the large orange button on this page) and by looking through the archive of my older blogposts for inspiration to try something new today.  Contact me at christineli@procrastinationcoach.com if you have any questions for me or if you think Procrastination Coach services may work well for you or for someone you care about.

I wish you all the best in your battle against Procrastination!