Recent Coaching Clients’ Testimonials

“Working with Dr. Li has helped me tremendously in getting rid of my negative thoughts and replacing them with productive thinking.  Getting things done with the help of Dr. Li, and being grateful, has allowed me to overcome my social anxiety.  At work I have been very productive, by getting rid of unwanted fears and not taking things personally.  Also, one of the major accomplishments has been being confident while speaking, especially during job interviews.  I have been able to get beyond my fears, perform my best at work, and enjoy life.” — Client “J.”

“I came to Dr. Li because my constant procrastination was ruining my life.  I was always behind on my work, I was disorganized and unproductive, and I was miserable.  After listening to me describe my thoughts and behaviors (she’s a great listener!), Dr. Li suggested that I might have ADD.  She encouraged me to read as much as I could about it and to see a doctor for diagnosis.  I was diagnosed with ADD and am now getting the help I need to achieve my potential and contribute meaningfully at work.  Dr. Li is also teaching me how to organize my time and move from planning to work to actually producing work.  I am so grateful for her support and cannot recommend her services more highly.  — Client “A.”

“I worked with Christine individually for about six months and she was very helpful giving me tools to address my procrastination.  More importantly, she is a wise, sympathetic, and practical counselor, and helped me take extremely positive steps I hadn’t been able to take on my own.”  — Client “N.R.”

Testimonials from Colleagues

“Dr. Li’s approach to procrastination is practical, reassuring, and unafraid.  She can handle even the most chaotic of procrastinators — teaching structuring skills to help them begin to regain control of their lives and helping them face this problem with kindness, patience, understanding, and humor.” — Mary C. Commerford, Ph.D., Director, Furman Counseling Center, Barnard College, following Dr. Li’s presentation to the Furman Counseling Center staff on how to help patients who struggle with procrastination.

“I recommend Dr. Christine Li without qualification.  She is a gifted speaker who gave a wonderful presentation about procrastination to the SUNY Purchase College Counseling Center Staff that clearly demonstrated her expertise in this area.  Her audience was a highly experienced group of clinicians who benefitted from Dr. Li’s insights and  the practical suggestions that were offered.” — Meg Sussman, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, SUNY Purchase College Counseling Center

“When I saw Dr. Li present last year I was so inspired by her insight and sound psychological approach to handle procrastination.  As a school psychologist I have run into so many students who procrastinate and have felt most comfortable referring to her.  My students have attained success with the help of Dr. Li.  Her presentation is so important that I asked her to speak to my interns who commented that her personality, presentation, and knowledge of the subject area have enabled them to work better with students who present with procrastination issues!” — Ernie Collabolletta, Psy.D., Certified School Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist at Scarsdale High School

Testimonial from a Small Business Coaching Client

“Dr. Li led a series of workshops for our small business team.  She was a pleasure to work with!  We all appreciated the warmth and sincerity with which she led the workshops, as well as her flexibility in addressing particular issues related to our business.  She clearly cared about the success and progress of each of our team members!” — Dan Emery, Owner, NYC Guitar School