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Procrastination Coach Services

I look forward to talking with you about your interest in getting help for Procrastination.  It may be you, your school-aged son or daughter, or your organization that you feel might benefit from a consultation with me.  I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of Procrastinators — each very different from the other, each with a particular way of thinking and of interacting with the world.  In doing this kind of work, I have had to fine-tune my own thinking and listening skills in order to find efficient and relevant ways to provide support.  If you have battled with Procrastination unsuccessfully on your own, I invite you to contact me to learn how to start moving again.

I am available for the following:

  • live, on-line coaching and support through the Freedom from Procrastination Membership Program
  • coaching by phone
  • coaching in person (in either Westchester or Manhattan)
  • brief or long-term psychotherapy
  • Procrastination Workshops
  • consultation for your organization or for yourself

The Freedom from Procrastination Membership Program – $33 per month  The Membership Program will begin on January 20, 2017.  You may join the Membership Program at any time.

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For complete details on the membership program which includes live on-line coaching, live on-line worksprints, guided exercises and challenges, and a private Facebook group for members only, please go to this page:

Initial Individual Consultation by Phone (45 minutes) – $125

“Working with Christine has been life-changing. She is both supportive and no-nonsense. She helped me get things done that had been lingering for months if not years on my desk. All those unfinished tasks weighed heavily on my mind. They were a constant distraction. I felt stress, dread, and shame.
I run my own business but when both my mom and dad became ill, I also became a full-time caregiver to my mom and took over the family business for my dad. It was overwhelming. Christine not only helped me clear the pile of backlogged work on my desk but my calendar as well. I now have more time and space in my life than ever before. Christine is a miracle worker and I’m so glad I found her. Thank you, Christine!” ~ Angela, Business Owner

Procrastination Coaching Session with Dr. Christine Li

Review and analysis of your Procrastination. Suggestions and support for moving forward. To arrange an initial consultation, use this link:

Procrastination Coaching by Phone (30 minutes) – $125

“I came into coaching feeling overwhelmed by my life and responsibilities, but ready to make a change. Christine helped me make incremental improvements each week while exploring how I think about work and why I put off some of the most important work. The success and insights I got from our sessions helped me realize the deeper, unresolved personal issues that drive this behavior, and gave me the strength to face them and go to therapy to (hopefully) address them as the next step of my journey of growth.” ~ Former client F. P.

Procrastination Coaching Session with Dr. Christine Li

One-on-one Procrastination Coaching by phone. You will learn powerful and actionable techniques to reduce your Procrastination. These tools will be tailored and designed according to your specific needs.  To arrange a coaching session, use this link:





Find the right tool or template for your recovery from procrastination here!



Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li

I'm so glad you've decided to start tackling your procrastination and to start getting things done.  I know with the help of the tools and templates in the Free Resource Library, you can get yourself unstuck and enjoy being creative, calm, and confident again.  I believe we all have outsized potential and many meaningful contributions to make in this world.  You're on your way!