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Helping procrastinators find their creativity, confidence, and calm again.

Dr. Christine Li, Procrastination Coach

I’m Dr. Christine Li and I help you conquer the fears that keep you knee-deep in procrastination. I’ve realized procrastination does not have to be a part of our character or a permanent fixture in our lives. The psychology-based system I’ve developed and my knowledge of how to break down the blocks that interfere with the creative process will give you a rock-solid system for being consistently productive.

I provide procrastinators with:

  • expert guidance for how to break up with procrastination
  • simple, yet effective strategies for maximizing focus and concentration
  • in-depth understanding of the emotional factors involved in procrastination
  • accountability and structure for consistent progress
  • an empathetic and supportive community of procrastinators-in-recovery

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