Welcome to Procrastination Coach!

I want to help you get on with things.  Get on with your work.  Get on with what you have shooed away, denied, and forgotten.  Get on with your life.

Helping people fight their Procrastination became one of my primary interests in 1999 when I volunteered to design a Procrastination Workshop for students at Columbia University.  Little did I know how much the experience of building and running the Workshop would change things for me personally and for the direction of my work as a psychologist.

Since the start of the Procrastination Workshop, I have learned to blend the questioning skills of a psychologist and the engaging skills of a coach to find the best ways to help my clients break through their Procrastination.  I have found that frequently, clients struggle with an undefined emotional conflict that prevents even the best-laid plans from working.  By empathizing with my clients’ emotional struggles, I have been able to be a partner with my clients in their exciting adventures, as they finish their dissertations, fine-tune their dating strategies, and adapt to their new lives post-Procrastination.

Please feel free to read through the pages of this website to find out a little more about me and to see if Procrastination Coach services may work well for you or for those you care about.  I wish you all the best in your battle against Procrastination!

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