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Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li

I'm so glad you've decided to start tackling your procrastination and to start getting things done.  I know with the help of the tools and templates in the Free Resource Library, you can get yourself unstuck and enjoy being creative, calm, and confident again.  I believe we all have outsized potential and many meaningful contributions to make in this world.  You're on your way!

Feel Well There’s been a lot written about the importance of pushing past your “comfort zone” in order to do creative work, and to be productive in general.  Sometimes that idea helps me, other times it just doesn’t feel right for me.  I’m not really a Rambo-type of personality, and thank goodness most days I don’t need to be like Rambo.

The idea came to me this morning, that for many Procrastinators, instead of pushing our boundaries, we may need to develop our comfort zones more actively.  The idea came to me as I was sipping my warm rice wine and boiled egg soup breakfast, my secret concoction for feeling ready to take on any day.  You see, I was in my comfort zone.

I truly believe if we do not feel well, we cannot work well.  And oftentimes, it is our responsibility to create the opportunities to remind ourselves that we are well, that we can continue to be well, and that the day ahead will be manageable come what may. If you are lacking in the experience of feeling comfort and find yourself locked in zones of stress, I suggest you consider making some of the following zones a reality:

  • a place in your home for privacy
  • a shelf on your bookshelf for reminders or memories of a loved one
  • a breakfast that reliably makes you feel healthy and awesome
  • a nook or corner to sit for a few minutes and read or meditate daily
  • a wall or vision board of images and quotes you select for the inspiration you need
  • a secret project you tend to everyday, like knitting a hip and trendy shawl #shawljustisnotatrendywordbutdoesconnotecomfort

Sometimes productivity requires aggressive planning and action.  But sometimes productivity gets blocked when we try too hard, worrying about being perfect and about feeling ashamed of what we do.  Let’s not forget that productivity may also be the result of daily, calm, and focused effort.  Namaste.

What do you use or have as a zone of comfort?  Do you have plans to make one?  Are you more like Rambo than I am?  Please share your experiences with us by replying here.

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I am a licensed clinical psychologist with an expertise in working with procrastinators. I enjoy the challenge of helping chronic procrastinators to see their work and their relationship to their work in a new way so they may find ways to move forward. Although I work with many students in my private practice, I also work with professionals who wish to improve their level of engagement in their work and in their lives outside of work. I have hosted this website since 2009, when I decided to reach out to those struggling with procrastination but who were outside my geographical area of New York. I have very much enjoyed the contacts I have made through this site and the coaching work that I have been able to do as a result of "Procrastination Coach." I invite you to contact me so we can discuss how my coaching services will fit with your current needs.